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Digital solution for cinemas

The digital billboard software that combines interactive technology with culture!

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The ideal solution for cinemas

In the age of technology, accessibility to information is a decisive factor for an audience that is increasingly seeking information. Aligned with the latest trends in design, functionality and technology, YPORTAL CINE for digital billboards, translates into added value for citizens, in this case in the cultural area.

This solution performs innovative functionalities that meet today's technological trends and, at the same time, provides useful and important information regarding the Seventh Art.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas

The seventh Art portal for digital billboards

YPORTAL CINE is a SaaS (software as a service) platform for digital billboards that provides multimedia content in kiosks or digital billboards in cinemas and with remote management.

This is a platform that allows the presentation of numerous information, having an administration area where the manager can enter all kinds of information.

YPortal Cine - Movies in exhibition


YPortal Cine - Agenda and posters


YPortal Cine - News and media


YPortal Cine - Trailers and videos


YPortal Cine - Tickets and menus


YPortal Cine - Selfie camera


YPortal Cine - Remote Management

Remote Management

YPortal Cine - Interactivity


YPortal Cine advantages

YPORTAL CINE is able to provide users with unique experiences, transmitting and adding feelings of joy and satisfaction to users.

In this case, it allows the citizen to always be aware of what is going on in the cinematographic universe. Thus, there are several advantages it brings:

  • Communication
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Interactivity


YPORTAL CINE is perfect for the promotion of multimedia content with the possibility of interactivity.

Providing a series of features that allow the user to interact and learn more about the world of cinema and the latest news, and with full integration with the smartphone, YPORTAL CINE also allows sharing experiences with others.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas

Interactive digital billboards

Dissemination of multimedia content and the possibility of interactivity.

YPORTAL CINE is a SaaS application to be installed through kiosks and interactive digital billboards, with remote web/online CMS (content management system) adminstration.

With the best image quality on the market, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS interactive digital billboards displays bring your favourite films to life and offer you innovative content that involves, informs and entertains.

These equipments are, in fact, perfect to stimulate people's interest in cinema.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas

Ticket purchase and reservation

Inform your customers about the movies in exhibition and upcoming premieres. Provide detailed information about each film.

Customers can have access to the movie sessions schedule, details and information about movie theaters and ticket purchase or reservation.

This self-service ticket purchase or reservation system improves the customer experience and streamlines the ticket purchase process.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas

Remote management

Do the remote management of all multimedia content that will be available in the digital billboard.

All specific contents can be transmitted repeatedly on scheduled dates and times or in stipulated time periods.

YPortal Cine - Promotions


YPortal Cine - Multimedia content

Multimedia content

Customize your layouts

YPORTAL CINE allows the promotion of impacting, dynamic, audiovisual and interactive communications, customized to the client's objectives. In this sense, it is possible to customize the layout according to the cinema branding, automatically or remotely.

The customization of layout and design is then possible thanks to PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' YPORTAL CINE.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas

Endless functionalities!

Providing users with unique experiences, this platform covers countless features. In addition to displaying information about movies, tickets, menus, schedules and sessions, it also updates people on the agenda and poster, spreads news, trailers and videos, allows to take selfies and make the purchase or booking of tickets.

This self-service system improves the customer experience and is an asset to any cinema.

YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas
YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas
YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas
YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas
YPortal Cine - Digital solution for cinemas


Considering that one of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS' missions is the development of products and services oriented to all consumers – with the purpose of creating technological tools that facilitate and speed up the daily life of individuals, through social responsibility practices – the software YPORTAL CINE can have the integration of sign language. This facilitates access to multimedia content for people with hearing disabilities.

Besides, YPORTAL CINE can reproduce sound content and be complemented with indications in Braille, ensuring accessibility and interaction. YPORTAL CINE also has UX/UI layouts adapted to people with reduced and/or cognitive difficulties. The structure of YPORTAL CINE is, thus, completely userfocused, with all the features at the distance of a scroll.

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